Build your empire and explore the real world in EARTH9’s massive multiplayer metaverse.

We combine imagination and adventure within a stunning real-world metaverse powered by Unity’s 3D platform.

Experience the most interesting places across the planet, whether you’re building a house in Bora Bora or exploring the beaches of O‘ahu with friends.

Start exploring and grow your empire.

Explore Beautiful

Immerse yourself in our world with amazing visuals like never before. The possibilities are endless – what can’t you do?

Select which real-world buildings you want to create — from the White House to hotels in Las Vegas — then easily make them come to life with our advanced building tools.

How in-depth you go is up to you—from exterior-only to placing furnature throughout the building. Others may come along later and add more customization later.

  • Create the world we live in
  • Show your Creativity
  • Earn Creator Credits

Conquer the Leaderboard

Each building addition to the EARTH9 world gives you more points on the leaderboards, allowing you to expand your empire and show off your skills.

Explore with friends

Exciting adventures abroad with your closest pals would be so much fun, right? With EARTH9, you can do just that.

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